The following is a step-by-step guide how to use the TFM DEX aggregator Dapp.
  1. 1.
    go to https://tfm.com and choose the "Trade" menu and "Swap" tab (you could also choose the "Pro Swap" tab which will provide a comprehensive set of information in relation to the tokens and their liquidities):
2. Connect your wallet, and select the trading pair. For example, here we are trading LUNA -> USDC. Enter the amount of LUNA that is to be swapped. TFM shows a list of rates from possible individual DEX sources, and selects the best route. Click "Swap".
3. Before the wallet confirmation, the aggregator displays the key information such as the price being used, minimum token to be received, and transaction fees. Click "Confirm Swap" and the transaction is completed.
If the transaction is unsuccessful, one likely solution is that the slippage may need to be increased to account for the constantly changing nature of the compositions of the underlying liquidity pools.
Please note to choose the correct network at the upper right corner of the webpage (choose "Terra 2.0" network in the example above).